Write a Letter in Support!

Letters of support will be critical in the fight to stop Ravi’s deportation. These letters will help prove why Ravi deserves to stay in the U.S. with his family and will demonstrate how much support he has from his community. We plan to provide these letters to a wide range of targets to advocate for positive decisions in Ravi’s case. The more letters we assemble, the better we’ll be able to prove why Ravi should be able to stay here.

Here’s one way to start a letter of support for Ravi:

[Your full name and address]

Dear Director Shanahan:
I am writing to request that you exercise your discretion to grant deferred action to Ravi Ragbir (A# 044-248-862). Ravi is currently at risk of being deported to Trinidad. His family and community are here, and we need him to stay with us…

Continue the letter by including these points:

  • Background:
    • Who you are (profession, place you live, etc.)
    • How long you have known Ravi (make sure you use his first name)
    • What is your relationship (friend, family, attended same church, etc.)
  • Community support:
    • Describe the good things Ravi has done in the community or for you personally. BE SPECIFIC! (The more specific, the more impactful the letter will be)
  • Family:
    • Talk about the effects deportation is having on Ravi’s family
    • If you know Ravi’s family well, describe them and how they get along with Ravi
    • If possible, describe how the family depends on Ravi financially and emotionally
  • Safety:
    • Explain why Ravi is not a threat to society

 Please send us your letter, WITH AN ORIGINAL SIGNATURE

  • By email (for scanned letters in PDF form): ravidefensecommittee@gmail.com
  • By snail mail: Immigrant Rights Clinic,Attn: Antonia House, Cris Santos, Washington Square Legal Services, 245 Sullivan Street, 5th Floor, New York, New York 10012

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